A.I. for the Enterprise, Demystified.

See how you can use A.I. too


Get started with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (M.L.) at your company with the Jornata.ai platform. Utilize our existing models or adapt your own for things like:

  • Big Data Analytics and Integration
  • ETL Automation (Extract, Transform, and Load)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Application Development A.I.
  • Intelligent Search


Partner with us to help you understand your business needs and how to apply A.I. We'll work with you to integrate modern intelligence technologies with your existing applications:

  • CRM
  • Email Analytics and Data Mining
  • Custom Line-of-Business Applications
  • Document Repositories
  • Structured Database Data

Finally, A.I. for the rest of us.

Jornata.ai has a unique approach to making A.I. real for companies who want to work smarter.

Data Integration

Ingest data from a variety of sources into the Jornata.ai platform.

AI/Machine Learning

Build pipelines to leverage the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Professional Services

Leverage technical and data science expertise to apply cutting-edge technology to your business needs.

Technology, Evolved. We use cutting edge open source technology and advanced software partners to solve problems at scale.

Design, Deploy, Iterate.

The best way to design solutions that evolve over time is by evolving them from the start. After everyone is aligned on a long-term vision, we immediately get started planning, building, and delivering. This contact with reality leads to accurate scopes and compounding success while unearthing pitfalls that otherwise wouldn't become known until it's too late to recover.

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Why Jornata.ai?

We know the enterprise. Our team has years of corporate consulting experience, backed by world class technology.

Project Scoping

We only succeed if you do, and only grow if you grow. We'll partner with you to know your business and make ROI real.

Data Architecture

Solid design is the most important piece to any project, backed by our vast library of machine learning models.

Application Development

Need to get something done? We've probably done it before. Let us help your business work smarter with A.I. and machine learning.

Day 1: Deliver Value

We don't do A.I. for kicks, we do it to deliver value.

Too often resources are wasted on problems that are either ambiguous or don't have a tractable solution using the employed methods. From strategy through implementation, we ground the work we do in reality, favoring practice over theory. This concept shapes our approach throughout the organization, from how we evaluate potential solutions to our iterative design philosophy.

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Because applying A.I. in the workplace shouldn't be a mystery.